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Welcome to Michael's Moving And Storage, your trusted mattress and bed movers in Allston, MA and surrounding areas. Moving can be a daunting task, but our team of experts is here to make it a stress-free experience for you.

Our experienced movers are trained to handle all types of mattresses and beds, from twin to king size and everything in between. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your furniture is transported safely and securely. Plus, our team will carefully disassemble and reassemble your bed frame, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

When it comes to moving your mattress, it's important to take some precautions to ensure that it stays clean and protected during the move. We recommend using a mattress cover to keep it free from dust and debris, and to avoid placing heavy items on top of it. Our team will take care of everything else, from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking at your new location.

At Michael's Moving And Storage, we understand that every move is unique, and we will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your specific needs and budget. We offer a range of moving services, including packing and unpacking, furniture assembly and disassembly, and storage solutions.

Whether you're moving across town or across the country, you can trust Michael's Moving And Storage to handle your mattress and bed with care. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get a free quot

Benefits of Hiring a Mattress and Bed Moving Company

During a move, it’s important to protect your mattress and bed. This can be done by packing it up before moving it, or hiring a mattress & bed moving company.

Hiring a mattress & bed moving company can be very beneficial for many reasons. Here are just a few of them:

  • Safety

    When it comes to transporting a mattress, safety is paramount. Regardless of whether you’re moving the mattress yourself or using a professional service, there are several things to consider to ensure that the mattress makes it to its new home safely and intact.

    The first step in the process is to remove all bedding from the mattress and place it in a vacuum-sealed bag or other sturdy container. This prevents the mattress from getting dusty during transit. Similarly, it’s smart to wrap the mattress in a plastic cover to protect it from dirt and other hazards along the way.

    The most important component of a successful mattress move is the right tools and equipment, and this should include an appropriate-sized and properly functioning lifting device. In addition to the appropriate lifting devices, a good quality mattress moving box or case is a must for safe and efficient delivery. Likewise, a good pair of work gloves is also a must for both the hands and knees. Lastly, a good mattress moving kit should also include a quality mattress strap and a good set of mattress pads. Taking the time to do these things will make the task of moving your mattress as painless as possible, and save you both money and hassle down the road.

  • Time

    While moving a mattress can seem time-consuming, there are ways to make it easier on yourself. For example, you can purchase a mattress cover and use it to wrap up the mattress before you move it. This will help keep it clean during the process and protect it from dirt and debris that may occur while it’s being moved.

    Another option is to hire a Mattress & Bed Moving Company. The company will have experienced movers who know how to properly handle the mattress and get it to your new home without damage. They’ll also be able to provide mattress covers and wraps to ensure that your mattress stays clean and safe while it’s being moved.

    If you’re planning on moving a king-size mattress, you’ll need at least three or four people to help you with the process. This will help you avoid any accidents and injuries that could happen while trying to lift it.

    You can ask a friend or family member to help you, but be sure that they have plenty of strength and are willing to work hard. This can be a great way to save money on a moving company as well.

    Before you start moving, you should have your mattress measured and weighed. This will allow you to know how much rope you need to secure it lengthwise and across the middle.

    Once you’ve done that, you can tie the ends of the rope to a door frame or wall. This will prevent it from falling down the stairs or off the back of a truck.

    You should also consider using a mattress bag or box to help you transport your bed. These bags are inexpensive and are a great way to protect your mattress from the elements during transport.

  • Reliability

    The most reliable way to transport a new mattress is to hire a professional NYC mattress moving company. They will provide you with all the supplies needed to ensure a successful relocation. They will also be able to offer you some tips and tricks that might help you make the process as smooth as possible.

    One of the most challenging aspects of a move is getting big and bulky items into or out of your home without damaging them. This is especially true of mattresses, which are often made with steel coils and other heavy metals that can be difficult to handle.

    As a result, many people end up with damaged or broken furniture. A well-thought out plan is the key to a stress-free moving experience. Before you begin, make a list of all the items you will need to complete your move, including packing materials, a truck or van, and any other items that might prove useful along the way.

    In addition, the best way to prepare for a move is to do your research. Find out about local moving companies, ask for referrals, and check reviews. The internet is a great source of information on both professional and reputable companies.

    As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to hiring a mattress and bed moving company, from safety to efficiency to cost. The most important thing to remember is that they can save you the hassle of having to go through all of the stress and hard work of a move by themselves. They will be able to do all the legwork and provide you with the most impressive mattress-moving tips and tricks to make your move a breeze.

  • Efficiency

    A mattress is one of the most expensive items you'll ever move, and if you're planning a big move, you're probably looking for ways to make it as efficient as possible. Moving a mattress is no small task, but it's surprisingly easy to do when you have the right packing materials and tools on hand.

    To get started, measure your mattress and the bed it's paired with to ensure they'll fit into the truck or cargo van you plan to use for the move. Then, you can buy the appropriate sized mattress bag and the right amount of packing tape to protect it from dirt and dust as it travels to your new home.

    You can also rent a dolly to help you maneuver your mattress into and out of the vehicle. It's a good idea to have this handy, especially when you're moving into an apartment or house that requires navigating tight hallways and doorways.

    Another tip for moving a mattress is to position it on its side lengthwise, with nothing on top. This will keep it from warping and sagging while in transit.

    Then, load it into the vehicle using an interior wall of the car for support and secure it with rope or straps to hold it in place. This is a simple and efficient method, and it's something that most trucks and cargo vans have built-in tie-down handles for.

    Some specialty mattresses, like Tempur-Pedic(r) and memory foam, may need to be folded or boxed before being moved. Check with the manufacturer's instructions for this before you start the process.

    For an even easier move, consider buying a mattress that's delivered to your doorstep in a single, compressed box. You can find these online or at a local retail store, but they tend to be more expensive than a traditional mattress.

  • Cost

    Whether you are moving locally or long distance, it is important to choose the right bed and mattress company for your move. They can make all the difference in ensuring that your mattress stays safe and intact.

    The cost of transporting a bed can vary depending on the distance between your old and new homes. It will also depend on the size and weight of your mattress. Generally, the longer the distance between your old and new home, the higher your cost will be.

    If you have an extremely large or heavy bed, you will probably want to hire a professional mover to help. They will be able to lift and transport the bed safely so that it doesn’t suffer any damage during the process.

    Another option is to rent a truck from a local business or rental agency. Many companies charge a fee for each mile driven, while others require deposits and proof of insurance. You can check out the rates on their website, as well as look into their policies surrounding payment methods and fuel costs.

    Most of these companies will provide a mattress bag to wrap your bed in before placing it in the truck. These bags will protect your mattress from dirt, dust, and liquids. They are available at most home goods and home improvement stores, and can be purchased for around $5-$10.

    In addition to the cost of shipping your bed, you will also need to factor in the time it takes to pack and load the mattress into a container. This can be a time-consuming process, especially if you have other things to pack and unpack.

    The best way to save money when transporting your bed is to use a mattress bag. This will cost you $5-$10, and will protect your mattress from dirt, liquids, and dust.